Vertigo Comics’ new line of 12 books were announced last night at San Diego Comicon and I’m verrrry excited to say that UNFOLLOW, my new ongoing series, was one of them.

Co-created with Mike Dowling (Death Sentence), this is a contemporary thriller about social media and the connections that run between all of us. Thematically, it’s about putting the human race back into the food chain. How we never really left it in the first place. Technology stripping us away back to primal layers. How far would you go to get ahead?

Matt cover 2

That’s Matt Taylor’s cover for #1, with Tom Muller’s logo design. Matt’s going to be our regular cover artist on the book, which is good news.

Speaking in the LA Times, Vertigo’s Group Editor Shelly Bond called Unfollow: “a political thriller that’s a sharp examination of social media. Williams’ and Dowling’s series follows what happens after the billionaire creator of a Twitter-like service leaves his fortune to 140 strangers. The surprise heirs will “lie, cheat, stalk, protect and murder their way to the prize,” the editor said.”

Looking forward to showing off the interior art from this soon. I worked with Mike on a Judge Dredd (“Closet”) and again on the final series of The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael, both for 2000AD. He’s terrific and far too smart to be working with the likes of me. And the colours on Unfollow, by Guardian illustrator Quinton Winter, are really going to make it stand out, I think. They’re not your usual US-market approach. It all looks gorgeous.

#1 is due to launch in November. More on Unfollow soon.

UPDATE. I did a quick interview with The Hollywood Reporter about Unfollow where I discuss the themes and what to expect:

“This is a strange moment in time, I think, where the Internet has become a new frontier and we’re still establishing limitations and dangers. I wanted to encapsulate that in a story that dealt with Twitter culture — people have followers, cults of personality, ruthlessness of ambition. And Mike Dowling and I sat down and talked about doing a story that really focused on how we’re all very much still in the food chain, day to day. Technology hasn’t diminished that. It’s just given it a different appearance.”

The full interview is here:


Oh, quick note to say that MARTIAN MANHUNTER #2 is in shops next week, and we have a sweet variant cover by Eric Canete of Mr Biscuits, in alln his creepy, confectionary-seeking glory.





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