Before I get onto exciting new things, an announcement. Sadly, because of Covid-19 hitting the comic industry in all sorts of hard ways, the previously announced Cla$$war reprint through Image […]


My first comic work was Cla$$war, published by Com.X back in 2002. A superhero mash-up of my reading habits at the time – Alan Moore comics and Noam Chomsky books […]

Roy Of The Rovers: Season Two, and teamwork…

TRANSFERRED – the first GN in Season Two of our reboot of Roy Of The Rovers was released recently, pretty much at the same time as a bunch of us […]

Judge Dredd: The Small House – Scripts

The Graphic Novel collection of Judge Dredd: The Small House was released the other week. I did a signing at Forbidden Planet, London, and there was the ‘Day of Dredd’ […]

Roy of the Rovers: Foul Play

When I was a boy I used to get a number of UK weekly comics from the local newsagents: Whizzer and Chips, Victor book for Boys, Battle and Roy of […]

Gallifrey One Schedule

Tomorrow I head for Los Angeles, where I’ll be a guest at the world’s biggest Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, for the first time. I hear good things! Here’s my […]

Judge Dredd: The Small House

“We’re fascists.” – Smiley to Dredd. Subscribers to 2000AD get to read the final part of Judge Dredd: The Small House tomorrow, so I thought I’d write a little about […]

No Act Of (Small) Kindness Is Ever Wasted – Making Readers Care, Hans Zimmer and The Deuce

If you’re going to try to write for a living you need to be a manipulator. Get the readers thinking you’re going one way, surprise them by pulling the rug […]

New York Comic Con schedule

I’ll be at this year’s NYCC, at the Jacob Javits Center October 5th-8th. Here’s where to find me over the four days: Thursday 5th 1-2pm – Signing at 2000AD, Booth 2244 Friday […]

Kingsman: The Red Diamond, Suicide Squad #20, Judge Dredd, Action Comics, Trinity…

… and many other things. The problem with being so busy on a bunch of cool projects is you don’t have the time to update the blog to tell anyone […]

The Black Vault – Suicide Squad TPB collection, signings and Trinity Annual

Tomorrow’s March 1st – Leeks, daffodils, St David etc – and it also sees the release of the first SUICIDE SQUAD TPB collection of the Rebirth run by Jim Lee […]

John Romita Jr and Eddy Barrows join Suicide Squad

That’s the headline news. From issue #11 the next arc of Suicide Squad will have Romita Jr drawing the main storyline. Comics royalty. I’ve been reading and enjoying Romita’s comics since his […]

A Christmas Dredd, Suicide Squad #8 and a Task Force X playlist

2016 has allowed me to work with some pretty special artists. I talked about this in some detail on my last blog post, but this Wednesday 14th’s releases bring that […]

Only as good as your artist

One thing I learned a while back, when it comes to writing comics: you are only ever as good, or as bad, as the artist you’re working with. So sell […]

Suicide Squad #2 and Gary Frank on Harley Quinn

It’s been a crazy busy time, hence no updates here. San Diego comic con was huge fun but it dug a week in my schedule, it was the summer holidays – […]

San Diego Comic-con schedule

So, next week, from July 20th-24th, I’ll be attending San Diego Comic-con for the first time in over a decade. Here’s where to find me and when. I’ll be the […]