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Just noticed that you can buy the Cla$$war collected edition on in the States – and UK folks, they deliver over here too, which saves you going into smelly comic shops, should such things offend you. No listing at the moment though.

Saw the proof a few weeks back and this will be a lovely package. There’s the brand new eight page story by myself, Trev Hairsine and Len O’Grady, the original six issues, my initial script, posters by the likes of Mick McMahon and Ben Oliver, introductions by Andy Diggle, Craig Johnson and myself, sketches by Trev and Travel Foreman. Capacious. 

We’ll be selling and signing these at the Bristol Comics Expo in May, where Com.X will have a stand.

Also, just noticed that Indiana Jones And The Tomb Of The Gods 4 has now been delayed until March 25th. Sigh.

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  1. Wow — that looks great! I’ll put in an order with Amazon right now.

    Re: Indy — Even with that project’s rocky start I never imagined we’d be a year later and still not have the last issue published. If it’s any consolation, you wrote the best Indy comic probably ever.

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