New York Comic Con and Wolverine: Father

I’ll be at NYCC this coming weekend (October 8th-11th). Signing at the Com.X table at some point (Booth #1769) and probably at the 2000AD table too (#2316). No idea of times yet, but pop by the booths and ask for me if you’d like to say hi.

Since the last time I posted, WHAT IF – WOLVERINE: FATHER was solicited for December. This is an alternate Marvel history tale where Logan actually raises Daken as his son, and shows how that turns out. Nature vs, nurture, a subject that has always interested me. And there will be blood, to steal from Paul Thomas Anderson. Art comes from Greg Tocchini, who recently showed himself to be quite brilliant with Rick Remender’s ‘Last Days Of American Crime.’ Oh, and we’ve got a cover by Leinil Yu too (below), which you can’t really argue with.

Other interesting things going on, being written and drawn, but nothing I can talk about yet.

I was told by Rebellion that next Summer there’ll be a complete LOW LIFE graphic novel for the American market. That’s pretty pleasing. As nice as it was to accompany the excellent Lenny Zero in Mega City Undercover, I always felt that Low Life deserved a collection of its own. And it’ll be cool for US readers to be able to see the superb artwork of Henry Flint, Simon Coleby and D’isreali. And to meet Dirty Frank, of course, who loves all Americans. Except the nazi ones.

Here’s a Dirty Frank illo done by the clever Matt Timson, by the way. Just for fun. I like it.

Which reminds me that LOW LIFE: HOSTILE TAKEOVER is continuing in 2000AD at the moment. Who is the Big Man? Can Dirty Frank turn back the invading Yakuza assassins? Will The Wally Squad ever be the same again? Possibly not.

See you in New York.

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