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New Indy pages

Some new pages came through from Steve Scott and I just thought I’d share…

Judge Dredd, Star Wars and Indy issue three

Opened the latest 2000AD on Saturday morning (Prog 1587) to discover the first part of JUDGE DREDD: OWNERSHIP is in there. This is a fun two-parter I’ve done with Richard […]

Ben Oliver on The Ten-Seconders in 2000AD

Seems to me that the majority of the comics world pretty much ignores what’s printed each week in 2000AD (the British weekly sci-fi anthology, in case you’re unaware). And, considering […]

Bristol Con aftermath

I take some minor script notes from The Mighty Tharg at The Bristol Expo

Another Bristol con over, another sense of post-enjoyment blues to deal with. It’s such a weird experience. For an entire weekend you walk two feet, bump into someone you know […]

Indy at CBR and the Bristol Comics Expo…

Another Indy interview with me about INDIANA JONES AND THE TOMB OF THE GODS at CBR: Also, I’ll be at the Bristol Comics Expo next weekend – May 10th […]


… to Jurassic Park. No, wait, that’s not right. Welcome to a new, hopefully improved website where the words don’t scroll off the bloody page like they did for some […]

Rob will be around here shortly…

In the meantime, have some of his old blog: SFX Review of Mega-City Undercover – April 26th Oh yes, also, SFX review MEGA-CITY UNDERCOVER in 169 and the review says […]