Way too long since I updated this thing. But just a quick note to say that, to mark the launch of the upcoming MEGA CIITY UNDERCOVER 2 (which you can buy here) myself, D’israeli, Rufus Dayglo and Simon Coleby will be signing from 4pm this Saturday, April 7th, at London’s Orbital Comics..

This is the second Low Life collection, where the focus firmly shifted to Dirty Frank. Rufus’ Aimee Nixon story is included but the bulk of the book will be the D’israeli-drawn stories ‘Creation’, ‘Hostile Takeover’ and ‘The Deal’. Three of the best things I’ve written, I think. And the visuals are wonderful throughout.

D’israeli and I are working on a new Low Life story at the moment, actually. Titled ‘Saudade’. Dirty Frank rides again. Soon-ish. Dom Reardon and I are finally putting the finishing episodes together of the second series of Ichabod Azreal too.

Incidentally, did you see the TPB cover for the upcoming Ichabod Azreal collection. Pye Parr of 2000AD did it and very nice it is too.


I received comps through this morning of the DAKEN: BIG BREAK TPB, which collects my initial run and includes the script of my first issue along with some of Ron Garney’s accompanying pancils. That issue really did turn out great, in large part because of the quality of Ron’s visual storytelling. One of the best I’ve ever worked with, without a doubt.

The Daken trade can be bought here

More updates soon. Honest.

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