Ten Seconds To Comply…

God, it’s been ages since I updated. Apologies. So much so that I can barely remember everything that’s happened since my last post. Erg.

Well, the major news is that I was confirmed as the writer of the new ROBOCOP series from Dynamite. You’ll find an interview with me here at Newsarama about it:


Should be loads of shooty, bullety fun, this. No Alan Bennett-like slice-of-life soliliques about biscuits going mouldy in the back of a corner shop here. No release date yet but I’ll keep the blog posted. Honest.

What else? I’ve got an 11-page Daken (son of Wolverine, mohican, claws, tattoes can’t miss him) story running in DARK X-MEN: THE BEGINNING. I’m pretty sure it’s issue two, although it could be three. Wherein I take Daken and Norman Osborn to the opera, because that’s what X-Men comics need more of. Opera. Huge fun to write Norman Osborn, and also nice to have a story in the same issue as Paul Cornell, who’s a friend. My other upcoming Marvel comic hasn’t been solicited yet, so I’ll keep schtum on that.

In similar shhhhhh style, I’ve also written a one-off Christmas special for a different ’80s film license. One of my favourite movies, this, so writing dialogue for the characters was on a par with writing Indiana Jones and Han Solo for me. A geeky fanboy thrill. Again, I’ll speak up as soon as I can. Oh, and I wrote it in the hottest week of the year, so snowy festive delight runs through it.

The CLA$$WAR hardcover continues to do well, both in terms of sales and press. I interviewed Geoff Johns (namedrop) this week for an upcoming SFX special and he told me how much he loved the hardcover and what a great package it is, which blew my mind, slightly. I still can’t get my head around the fact that people in California are reading my work, let alone people in California who happen to be one of the top writers in the industry.

And just heard today that the CLA$$WAR softcover is being solicited for an October release in Previews. So cheapskates can now get their copy too.

Speaking of which (softcovers, not cheapskates), I received my comp copies of the INDIANA JONES AND THE TOMB OF THE GODS graphic novel this weekend, a few weeks after my STAR WARS: VECTOR VOLUME TWO comps.

And, on top of all that, I’m sure MEET DARREN DEAD: EATS, SHOOTS AND KILLS starts in either the next JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE or the one after, with art by John (Watchmen) Higgins. No one tells me anything.

Sounds busy, doesn’t it? Good. Busy is good. More busy please.

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