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Roy of the Rovers: Foul Play

When I was a boy I used to get a number of UK weekly comics from the local newsagents: Whizzer and Chips, Victor book for Boys, Battle and Roy of […]

Gallifrey One Schedule

Tomorrow I head for Los Angeles, where I’ll be a guest at the world’s biggest Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, for the first time. I hear good things! Here’s my […]

Judge Dredd: The Small House

“We’re fascists.” – Smiley to Dredd. Subscribers to 2000AD get to read the final part of Judge Dredd: The Small House tomorrow, so I thought I’d write a little about […]

No Act Of (Small) Kindness Is Ever Wasted – Making Readers Care, Hans Zimmer and The Deuce

If you’re going to try to write for a living you need to be a manipulator. Get the readers thinking you’re going one way, surprise them by pulling the rug […]

New York Comic Con schedule

I’ll be at this year’s NYCC, at the Jacob Javits Center October 5th-8th. Here’s where to find me over the four days: Thursday 5th 1-2pm – Signing at 2000AD, Booth 2244 Friday […]

Kingsman: The Red Diamond, Suicide Squad #20, Judge Dredd, Action Comics, Trinity…

… and many other things. The problem with being so busy on a bunch of cool projects is you don’t have the time to update the blog to tell anyone […]

The Black Vault – Suicide Squad TPB collection, signings and Trinity Annual

Tomorrow’s March 1st – Leeks, daffodils, St David etc – and it also sees the release of the first SUICIDE SQUAD TPB collection of the Rebirth run by Jim Lee […]

John Romita Jr and Eddy Barrows join Suicide Squad

That’s the headline news. From issue #11 the next arc of Suicide Squad will have Romita Jr drawing the main storyline. Comics royalty. I’ve been reading and enjoying Romita’s comics since his […]

A Christmas Dredd, Suicide Squad #8 and a Task Force X playlist

2016 has allowed me to work with some pretty special artists. I talked about this in some detail on my last blog post, but this Wednesday 14th’s releases bring that […]

Only as good as your artist

One thing I learned a while back, when it comes to writing comics: you are only ever as good, or as bad, as the artist you’re working with. So sell […]

Suicide Squad #2 and Gary Frank on Harley Quinn

It’s been a crazy busy time, hence no updates here. San Diego comic con was huge fun but it dug a week in my schedule, it was the summer holidays – […]

San Diego Comic-con schedule

So, next week, from July 20th-24th, I’ll be attending San Diego Comic-con for the first time in over a decade. Here’s where to find me and when. I’ll be the […]

Judge Dredd: Titan

So, today, the JUDGE DREDD: TITAN GN is released in comic shops. It’s a lovely thing. Look: Most Dredd ‘epics’ traditionally have multiple artists and, occasionally, more than one writer, so […]

Unfollow London signing. Stuff starts! Stuff ends…

It’s a bit bittersweet to be saying goodbye to Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz and his various incarnations. But we’re coming up on #12 (out 18th May) and the final issue […]

Suicide Squad with Jim Lee

My big news out of Wondercon last weekend, and the DC Rebirth announcements, was that I’m the writer on the new SUICIDE SQUAD series, launching in August to coincide with the […]

To Kill A Mocking Klegg

With apologies to the late Harper Lee. Part three of UNDERCOVER KLEGG by me and D’israeli is in today’s 2000AD #1971. D’israeli remains one of my favourite people to collaborate […]