It’s been a really busy time. Work’s been extremely, well, busy and I moved house just before Christmas – don’t ever move house just before Christmas. It’s a silly thing to do. So I’ve not had a chance to update the site for a while. And there’s been a lot of things announced in the meantime. So I’ll get on with it:


The DC solicits for April had a couple of exciting things, in terms of working with stellar artists. HARLEY QUINN APRIL FOOL’S SPECIAL is a 30-page oneshot, written by me and with art by JIM LEE (yeah, that one) and CHEEKS GALLOWAY. It’s a fun, funny, action-heavy exploration of super villains and psychotherapy, as Harley gets involved in a super-group therapy organisation called Evil Anonymous. Can she help these poor souls get better? Are there really 12 steps of Evil Anonymous? Can you kick the crime habit? Or does Harley (and other mysterious forces) have other plans?

Aside from his standing as one of the best-selling comic artists of the past 20+ years, and he being the co-publisher of DC Comics, it’s a huge thrill to be working with Jim on this. If you’d told me back when I was reading his Uncanny X-Men run that he’d one day be drawing one of my scripts… Well, I’d have taken that deal. And Cheeks’ work is terrific too. I won’t give too much away here but there’s a fun stylistic shift in the narrative that calls for two disparate art styles.

Looking forward to this one coming out. And Harley’s big news right now, given the Sucide Squad movie. You see the new trailer of that? Looks great.

Anyway, I digress..

Also in the April DC solicits was UNFOLLOW #6, which is a oneshot following the end of our first arc, drawn by a guest artist. And we lucked out in that RM Guera is drawing this ‘Deacon’-focussed issue. The narrative shows some of Deacon’s past and some of his present. You’ll get a better sense of who he is after this one, certainly.

Killer cover too by Matt Taylor:


Guera’s a real favourite of mine. Loved his work on Scalped. And I was fortunate to do a Dredd with him a while back – The Man Comes Around – so to get him onboard Unfollow, along with colourist Guilia Brisco, just feels perfect ‘casting’. His tone fits the book.

We have another guest artist (very different, very exciting) for #7, which is a ‘Courtney’ focussed issue. Then Mike Dowling will be back for our full second arc, starting with #8.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER #11 is also out in April. I’d better not say too much about that one, as we’re heading towards our big finale. And Eddy Barrows’ cover tells its own story. Or does it etc?


If Mr. Biscuits gets it I’m going to have words with myself.

On the Martian Manhunter front – he’s now a TV star you know – I noticed on amazon that the first trade of our run – THE EPIPHANY – is being released March 10th. Here’s a link if you feel like preordering:


Was a weird thing watching J’onn J’onzz transform in Supergirl. Never thought I’d see that on TV. White Martians and everything.

Oh, and the first UNFOLLOW trade is coming in June. Given that issues 1 & 2 sold out of the print run, I figure that might be the first time a lot of people get a chance to read the book:


DOCTOR WHO, the 11th Doctor Season 2 is continuing, from Titan. We have a cover longtime readers are going to blow a gasket over to show you soon, I’d think. I’ve recently been writing River Song in the book too. River, Abslom Daak… Big fun, a certain pressure too. Getting these characters ‘right’. Here’s the April A cover:

11D-Year-Two-9-Cover-A-Mark-Wheatley-21639Nice that, eh? Think it’s by Mark Wheatley.

Talking of Who, the death of David Bowie had an effect on all of us. The weird personal aspect of it for me, though – and we all connect art to different periods of our own lives – was that I effectively wrote Bowie for a year in the 11th Doctor series one, along with Al Ewing. Jones was such a sympathetic, fun character. The idea came from Bowie’s constant regenerations, and how that fitted The Doctor perfectly. Bowie seemed to have dropped from another planet. So he obviously was hugely influenced by travelling with the Doctor as one of his companions. Cue constant in-jokes by Al Ewing and myself, trying to fit in as many Bowie lyrics and song titles as we could into the dialogue – have Jones mimic Bowie’s different looks, without getting the image rights lawyers in a tizz.


That’s Jones swinging in as Xavi Moonburst, his Ziggy Stardust era character in our story. Although he did enter with the line: “I know when to go out, I know when to stay in. Get things done.” Timelines crossing…

Season one of our Who book turned into one big Bowie celebration.


I really grew to love the man’s music in recent years.

In 2000AD at the end of February, starting in Prog 1969, Sensitive Klegg is back. UNDERCOVER KLEGG is a four-part Dredd by me and my Ordinary/Low Life collaborator – one of my absolute favourite artists – D’israeli.


Undercover Klegg

Now, that’s a great two panels.

Anyway, better do some work. But UNFOLLOW #4 is in shops next week, Feb 3rd. Comps came throough this morning. Here’s the Comixology preorder code:


Oh, and some big news coming soon. Can’t say anything yet. Exciting though.

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