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It’s a bit bittersweet to be saying goodbye to Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz and his various incarnations. But we’re coming up on #12 (out 18th May) and the final issue of our story. In one way, it makes sense to leave J’onn here. I do genuinely think there’s a healthy symmetry to a 12-issue run. A tale with a start-middle-end. Say what you have to say about the character, give them a tangible arc and then get out

But… you grow fond of these people. And they do feel like people – you get emotionally invested. I feel a certain responsibility over The Pearl, Wessel and Mr Biscuits. You create them, you put them through hell. It doesn’t happen with every series you write, but some feel like favourite children.

Canete design 2

That’s Eric Canete’s initial design for a new look for J’onn, when we were planning the book. Instantly loved it. I wanted to create a very alien vibe, both in terms of visuals and the mindset of the book.


And that was the first look at Mr Biscuits. I think I came up with the idea of Biscuits while sat in a departure lounge at LAX waiting for my plane. It was the type of idea that people are either going to love or you’ll never work again. But DC and our launch editor, Brian Cunningham, backed it. Strange how, very often for me, the pitch is in place and accepted, and then a standout character comes in last second and sort of steals the show. Rubinstein was that in UNFOLLOW. I had the same experience with Horse in THE GRIEVOUS JOURNEY OF ICHABOD AZRAEL.

Eventually Biscuits was drawn beautifully by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira and coloured by Gabe Altaeb.


Ah, stop it, I’ll get emotional.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER #12 brings our tale to an end. Ben Oliver on interiors for our last two issues. Here’s the cover and a handy amazon link to the first trade collection.

MM 12


Mentioning UNFOLLOW. Our first trade paperback collection is released in May 18th, and the whole Unfollow team (pretty much) is doing a signing to celebrate that fact at Gosh Comics, London, on May 19th. Come along.


And here’s a handy ‘pre-order the GN’ link:


UNFOLLOW #9 was solicited recently, out in July. Matt Taylor continues to do amazing work on the covers. I love this one. Thematically it nails that particular issue too.

unfollow 9

#7 came out last week, another guest artist issue done-in-one, this time focussing on Courtney. Marguerite Sauvage joined us here, and I loved the aesthetic shift between the look of Courtney’s world and Deacon’s the previous issue, as drawn by RM Guera and coloured by Giulia Brusco. Subjectivity of worldview is a big theme of Unfollow, so it makes sense to me that when you see one person’s story it looks distinctly different from another character’s.


Maguerite’s terrific. Such a sense of style.

You can buy UNFOLLOW #7 here:


Also coming up in terms of GN releases is JUDGE DREDD: TITAN, which collects the whole Titan and Enceladus storyline, and the few one-offs around the tale, into one overall storyline. Henry’s one of the best around for my money, and I love that we were able to do the entire storyline together with no fill-ins on art, which gives the story a cohesion you don’t often get with long Dredd ‘epics.’


Bloody good cover that, Henry. I’m signing Titan at Forbidden Planet, Bristol, June 18th, and here’s an order code:


Stuff like this happens in it:


Not quite ‘Gaze into the fist of Dredd’ but of the same school. A very violent school.

DOCTOR WHO: THE ELEVENTH DOCTOR season 2 continues, with Si Spurrier regularly twisting my noggin and asking me to ‘keep up slowcoach’. Time travel is a complex thing. The last script I wrote ended with a massive TOTAL CHRONAL MELTDOWN! Which is what happens to any writer on Doctor Who, I suspect. All great fun though. Do love writing The Doctor. And Si’s a clever boy to be co-writing with.

You see this cover by Alex Ronald? Cor.


Not bad, eh? Our tale’s is very heavily connected with the Time War. In fact, the last episode I’ve written took place there. Tease…

And last but very much not least, Jim Lee released a first look at his cover for August’s SUICIDE SQUAD #1. Inks by Scott Williams and colours by Alex Sinclair. All round awesomeness by the entire team. I believe we’ll be in the shops August 3rd, just before the movie opens.

Can’t wait.

SuicideS1 cover


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