Deadpool, Cap Britain, Ichabod and more…

Cor. Where does the time go in blogland, eh? Last entry was in February and, when THE GRIEVOUS JOURNEY OF ICHABOD AZREAL (AND THE DEAD LEFT IN HIS WAKE) was due to start in 2000AD some seven weeks back I fully intended to get on the blog and talk about it. And only now do I get around to it, by which point we’re seven episodes down, with just five to go. Duh.

One of the bizarre things about writing a long form series for 2000AD is how *long* it takes to write the thing, how *long* the artist takes to draw it, and then you see the episodes fly past weekly and, poof, it’s gone. (cue Basil Fawltey going “zzschum. What was that? That was your life, mate…”) Ichabod took ages to write. Not because of any enormous problems with the writing, more that we started the thing a long time ago. Now it’s going to over in just beyond a month. Odd.

I’ve been really happy with it though. Lots of things I love about this series. The overall lyrical tone, the way Dom Reardon brings atmosphere – and the black and white, spot colour mix works really well, even if I do say so myself. Someone on the 2000AD message board nailed it. It’s like the Wizard Of Oz in reverse, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Also, Ichabod is really all my alt-country music faves in comic strip form, featuring images and scenes that I wanted to write for years and finally crowbarred into one strip. At one point it was going to be called ‘Via Chicago’ (after a Wilco song) and was going to be about a WW2 US Marine. But I think a western really suits it. And if you want a spectral world, Dom Reardon’s your man. And the experiment of making the protagonist a ruthless mass murderer has been an interesting one from my point of view. Hope people like the ending. Maybe we’ll do some more.

DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #893 comes out this week, by myself and ‘no doubt a big future star’ Matteo Scalera (who’s from Parma in North Italy). Nice colour job too by Matt Wilson. I’ve talked about this previously but needless to say I’m very excited to have a Captain Britain comic written by me on the shelves. Really enjoyed writing Deadpool too. Very Dirty Frank in the comedy insanity stakes.

There’s a five page preview here, which made me laugh out loud and I wrote it. Very sad, I’m fully aware:

lettered preview

I’ve done a few other Marvel jobs of late. One of which is being announced later this week. I’ll talk about it when I’m able. But I’m really enjoying writing the Marvel characters I’ve loved since childhood. It’s a treat for me. And I get paid to do it too.

ROBOCOP is continuing from Dynamite. Issue five is a standalone that’s probably my favourite of the series so far, with what I hope is a fairly shocking twist for longtime Robocop fans. I’m expecting a few pissed off emails heading Dynamite’s way. Here’s the cover:

‘Meat’, the JUDGE DREDD story by myself and the brilliant Dylan Teague (an all-Welsh production) will be in June (?)’s Judge Dredd Megazine #299. Check out the amazing Cliff Robinson cover:

Boo Cook, all-round top man and artist on Asylum and my first ever Dredd, The Biographer (which I have a big soft spot for), is also currently drawing a one-off Dredd that I’ve written. It’s called ‘The Slow Walk’ and came from an idea of Boo’s. Not sure when thats out.

Also incoming for 2000AD is the next LOW LIFE series, which I’m currently writing. I should be writing it instead of updating this bloody blog. It’s called ‘Hostile Takeover (Paranoia Mk. 2)’ and the wonderful D’Isreali is back on art, doing brilliant design work and angelic, graceful things with Mega City 1 architecture. Take a look at a sneak preview:



  1. John says:

    I read DeadPool Team-up #893 yesterday; it was the funniest comic I’ve ever read. You’re a genius.

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks John. Glad you liked it. I’ve got another Deadpool story in Deadpool #1000, out in August.

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