You’re Thor? I’m so Thor I can barely Thit down…

Which is the punchline to a really bad joke that has nothing whatsoever to do with DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #887, which is out in November and co-stars the God Of Thunder, soon to have his own major movie not starring Brian Blessed, which is a great non-shouty shame, for my money.

This is the second issue of Deadpool Team-Up I’ve written, and again I’m joined by Matteo Scalera here. Matteo drew the Captain Britain issue I wrote and I really enjoyed his work there. He’s got a nice line in comic sensibility and does the slapstick stuff very well indeed, which this type of comedy comic needs. Having said that, there’s nothing comical about Thor (not even the wings on that helmet). Deadpool works best when he’s bouncing off a straight man, and the more pompous that straight man, the bigger the bounce. This story: ‘Mjolnir and Far’ (ouch) was loads of fun to write, not least for the fact that I couldn’t believe I was writing Thor. Fanboy squeee, I believe the phrase is. Hopefully just how much I like this character comes across through Deadpool’s one-liners, just as it did in the Cap Britain issue. Oh, and cover’s by Humberto Ramos, and it’s great:

Also, the new LOW LIFE story, HOSTILE TAKEOVER, starts in 2000AD Prog 1700, which is out from tomorrow, I think. Me and D’isreali bringing the Yakuza to Mega City One, and ripping the Wally Squad to pieces along the way. I think it’s fair to say that this is a game changer for Aimee Nixon, Dirty Frank and co. Here’s a couple of D’isreali’s brilliant pages.

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