SAVE HIM – Script & Monsters

2000AD #1819 reaches shops and iPads today, featuring Judge Dredd: Save Him by myself and James Harren. I’ve spoken about this previously, so won’t witter on too long here. But I thought I’d post my original script (along with James Harren’s initial Dredd doodles) in case people wanted to see the origins of the story.

Most noticeable thing here is that the script, as is the norm for most 2000AD Dredds, was a six pager. James asked if there was any extra room to let the monster gain full effect and Matt Smith was good with that. I’m glad too. If you’ve seen the story you’ll realise the grisly, creepy, effect of James’ added page as the monster’s maw slowly appears. That’s all him, and rather brilliant it is too. That monster is meant to be the suffering of 350 million Mega City One citizens who died horrible deaths in Chaos Day. It needed to make an impression.

If Save Him is your first experience of James’ work, I’d strongly recommend buying the GN for BPRD The Long Death from last year. Amazing script by John Arcudi and James and Dave Stewart (on colours) combine to make one of the best looking, most visceral comics you’ve seen in a long time. And John gives it heart too, to go along with the uber violence and horror. Blood on the snow too. There’s lots of blood on the snow. That always looks amazing in comics.

Anyway, the script for Save Him is here for those interested… just click the link to download the PDF



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