Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #6

The print version of the digital-first story ‘Look Inside’ that I did with Juan Ryp was released this week from DC, packaged with stories by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman and Michael Oeming. It was huge fun to write Batman. Who doesn’t want to write Batman at least once in their careers? Childhood nostalgia mixed the way we all loved Frank Miller’s work on the character mixed with all those enticing narrative possibilities. But, of course, the main challenge with writing any of these icons is that just about every angle on the character has been done before.

In the end ‘Look Inside’ came from a dream I had that creeped me out. There was this scarily tall, pale man driving around in this archaic, eery old Victorian van (its existence seemed to make no sense). He would open the back of the van, people would look in and they’d lose their minds, screaming like the Nazis at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark at whatever they saw inside that van. It didn’t kill them but it did drive them insane with fear. Then, in the dream, it was my turn to look in. I was brought forward by this silent figure and just as I looked I woke up.


Scared the life out of me. But I got a story out of it. I started thinking ‘what’s Batman most scared of?’ What would we see if we looked in that van?

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  1. Paul says:

    To be honest, I thought the other stories in the issue were a bit throwaway but liked how you took advantage of the opportunity to try and say something about the character. Good work as always!

    • Rob says:

      Thanks Paul. Yeah, it’s tough to try and get to the heart of a character in ten-pages, but that’s the key, for me.

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