It only took 18 years to do another Indy movie…

So I’m sure we can all wait another week for INDIANA JONES AND THE TOMB OF THE GODS 2. It’s out on the 17th now, it seems. Not entirely sure why the extra week’s necessary. Ah well. In order to appease you during the delay I can only offer my sincere apologies.

And this.




















In other news, it seems that there will finally, finally be a collected CLA$$WAR trade paperback, collecting issues 1-6 of my debut series with art by Trev Hairsine (Ultimate Six, Captain America) and Travel Foreman (Iron Fist). As an extra treat, Trev’s drawn an all knew eight page ‘issue zero’ Cla$$war strip that I wrote several years ago but which never saw the light of day. It’s been weird and fun to see ‘new’ Cla$$war pages coming through from Trev. Very deja vu, and very good too. Made me feel nostalgic for Cla$$war and thinking how great it would be if we could finally finish the story, which we never had the chance to do originally. 

Should be a lovely package, this. People like Mick McMahon and Ben Oliver did posters for Cla$$war back in the Com.X heyday and I’m sure they’ll be included. I have a poster of Mick’s image of Enola Gay on my wall, framed, and it still blows my mind to stare at it and think that Mick McMahon drew my characters.

Anyway, I’ll post one of the new Trev pages as soon as I get the all clear.


  1. yodazone says:

    Is there a preview image to issue 3’s cover in the back of of Tomb of the Gods issue 2?

    The Indyzone cover section on the Dark Horse site hasn’t been updated in months….

    Looking foward to seeing issue #2 this Wednesday!!!!

  2. Rob says:

    I have no idea why the cover for #3’s not been put up on the website, or why the website’s not been updated. The cover’s in the back of #2 so you’ll see it Wednesday though.

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