Planes. There’s always planes…

Went for a coffee with Ben Oliver a few weeks back and he said he liked drawing my scripts because there was always planes in them. I agreed and remarked that, even if I were to write a John Osborn kitchen sink-style drama, there’d probably be a plane flying extremely low past the window. Planes, much like zombies, improve every story they’re in, I think – there’s not a movie title alive that couldn’t be vastly improved by substituting one of the words for ‘zombie’. Zombie Wars. Raiders Of The Lost Zombie. The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Zombie, etc – and most artists enjoy drawing them. Planes that is, not zombies.

Which brings us to the point. Eventually. Trev Hairsine and I have always enjoyed a shared geek out about flying military hardware (most specifically Blackhawk helicopters, which look dynamite on the page and Trev draws them a lot in his stories). This was one of the things that made his Cla$$war pages so cool seven years or so ago when we did the book together. I still recall seeing the splash page of American and Young American flying alongside a bunch of F-16s and drooling the way I do when I see photographs of Zooey Deschanel. Like Homer Simpson ogling a donut.

So, as previously mentioned, the CLA$$WAR collected edition is on its way, Trev’s drawn eight new pages as a backup strip (which he’s inked himself, which makes a huge difference to his work, as I think you’ll see when the book gets to the shops, and Len O’Grady, our original colourist, is back to match the book’s original look) and he’s also delivered a brand new cover, which features American flying away from a burning city, this time surrounded by F-15s. And it’s very, very lovely indeed. See below.

Planes in comics. You can’t beat it.

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  1. wildfire says:

    If you love planes in comics (as I do), you might have fun with some of the art for the new Transformers comics (the movie sequels, not the official IDW continuity), especially Reign of Starscream. Given that the main character is essentially an anthropomorphic F-22, there are some lovely shots of military aircraft in action. Personally I find the F-22 to lack some of the aesthetic grace of its predecessors (the SR-71 Blackbird will always remain my top choice, design-wise), but it’s quite nice when drawn correctly.

    There are also some pretty crazy Cybertronian aircraft in those comics, but the Cybertronian sense of aerodynamics (or, more specifically, the artistic imperative to add spiky bits where spiky bits are uncalled-for) makes them look a tad…less than flight-worthy.

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