Dredd: Power Play and Superman

Quick note to flag up that Judge Dredd: Power Play is in the new issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine #336 and you can buy the Meg digitally these days. #336 can be bought here http://shop.2000adonline.com/products/judge_dredd_megazine_336

It’s a ten-pager by myself and Nick Dyer, with letters by Annie Parkhouse. A fun, done-in-one Dredd featuring an awful lot of nuclear warheads and your average spot of Mega City One bureaucracy – the type that can very easily lead to several millions dead. I don’t have any of Nick’s art to hand here, but it’s heavily influenced by the great Cam Kennedy and so feels very right for a Dredd tale.

My old Ghost Rider collaborator Lee Garbet provided the cover though. And it’s a cracker:

Garbett cover

Also this week, it was announced that Chris Weston (The Filth, The Twelve, Ministry Of Space) and I have done a Superman story. It’s part of the the digital-first Adventures Of Superman series, although it’ll appear in print in #4, out in August. And these are out-of-continuity tales, so red Super pants are returned.

Bit of a dream job, this. I’ve not previously written Superman, and for some reason, have a huge soft spot for the character. It’s the purity of altrusim thing. We’re all suckers for it. The best Superman moment ever filmed was the end of The Iron Giant, which encapsulates the character brilliantly without him actually being in it.

The last act of The Iron Giant is the most perfect in the history of cinema, I’d argue. Not a beat there that isn’t wonderfully judged. But I’m rambling off the point.

Another reason to be excited about this Superman story – which is called Saviour, by the way – is the fact that Chris has drawn one of the best-looking comics I’ve ever been involved with. I can’t show too much at this point (I’ll get in trouble), but here’s a non-spoilery snippet…

weston superman


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