Short and sharp post, this. But Brian Bolland’s alternate cover for THE ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR #1 was released yesterday. And it’s a cracker:


Love the fact that he’s really captured the characters, the tone of the series, the subversive edge. But, then again, he’s Brian Bolland. Bit of a thrill to have him draw anything concerned with a book of mine.

Also released yesterday was Simon Coleby’s similarly-fine cover for episode three:


Where the action takes The Royals to 1942 and The Battle of Midway. Each issue skips forward a year to a major set-piece event of World War II.

Here’s an interview I did with Newsarama where I describe the series as ‘Downton Abbey with superpowers’:

Also worth saying that MISS FURY #8 came out yesterday from Dynamite. Jack Herbert continues to do great work on the series. Look:

Layout 1

Layout 1

You can buy Miss Fury digitally from:

Next week, REVOLUTIONARY WAR: THE KNIGHTS OF PENDRAGON is released from Marvel. The return of some old favourite Marvel UK characters, with a script by me and art by Will Sliney. Will talk more about that then.

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