ORDINARY covers, THE ROYALS process & more…

The Titan three-issue mini-series version of ORDINARY launches in May. The Diamond Code for ordering #1 is FEB141439 and D’israeli’s two new covers for issues 2 & 3 have just been released.



Awesome, eh? One of the joys of doing the series has been to see what he does with colour. In recent years the bulk of his work has been in B&W. Turns out he’s bloody great at colouring too.

Since we’re sharing Ordinary art, here’s another of our guest pinups. This time by my Judge Dredd: Titan collaborator, the brilliant Henry Flint.

Ordinary Rob Williams

Going to keep teasing these out from time to time. We have some great ones still to show.

Speaking of Henry, Judge Dredd: Titan came to a close in 2000AD. Always figured the end would be devisive, but I’m really proud of it. Poses a bunch of interesting questions, I think. Challenges Dredd in a way that isn’t the norm. To paraphrase Gerhardt at the end: “There’s better ways to get Dredd than a bullet.” And poor old Aimee Nixon, eh?

Henry made it look amazing throughout. It’s a joy to work with mad genius’:



It’s been a busy few weeks. The ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR was released by Vertigo and the reviews were great, which was really nice to read. This is a book that was written some time ago, so re-reading large parts of it feels very fresh to me. And Simon Coleby has just done a phenomenal job on the book. Here’s some of Si’s original pencils from #1 (pre-inks) and the coloured version by JD Mettler:





Issue two takes the Royal family to America and Washington DC, where they are charged with attempting to convince an unwilling President Roosevelt to enter the war. Meanwhile, across the Pacific, the Imperial House of Japan has taken note of what happened in The Battle of Britain.

The Diamond Code for THE ROYALS #2 is JAN140384 and it’s out on March 12th.

What else happened? REVOLUTIONARY WAR: SUPER SOLDIERS was released this week from Marvel, by myself, Brent Anderson, Tom Palmer and the team. Here’s the Dave Gibbons alternate cover (he drew Watchmen, you may have heard of it):


Also, there’s a big announcement coming, maybe today even, about something I’m very excited about. Will talk more about it when I can.


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