So the Ordinary GN collection was released in comic shops this week (March 22nd). I believe bookstores get it a wee bit later. D’israeli and I headed to London to sign copies in Forbidden Planet on the day of release, and, as I write, I’m gingerly recovering from yesterday’s trip to London where we signed at Gosh Comics – who are including an exclusive bookplate with each edition of the GN, drawn by D’israeli. This, in fact:

Ordinary Bookplate Gosh Output

Pretty, isn’t it? And Brian The Bear front and centre. People seem to like Brian. They still have copies of the bookplate editions available if you want to contact them.

The GN features the full story of Ordinary, collecting the mini-series, which I’m extremely proud of. I think it’s the best thing I’ve written. And D’israeli’s art is wonderful throughout. Then we also have guest pinups from:

Edmund Bagwell
Ben Oliver
Laurence Campbell
Brian Ching & Michael Atiyeh
Brendan McCarthy
Neil Googe
Dom Reardon
Henry Flint
Alison Sampson & Ruth Redmond
James Harren
Ale Aragon
Mark Buckingham

I owe them all a favour. Simon Gurr too. Si’s pinup was accidentally ommitted from the collection. So I’m putting his front and centre here in a wee guest pinup gallery:

Gurr pinup



Fantastic, aren’t they?

We also have an introduction kindly given by Warren Ellis, and an essay on the science of Ordinary’s plague by JV Chamary (a PhD in evolutionary biology – we did our research.) Plus plenty of D’israeli’s process illustrations for a behind the scenes look.

It’s a really pretty package. If you need convincing we’ve put #1 of the mini-series up for free (for a limited time) on Comixology. Here’s a link:

And here’s links to buy the collection, both in print and digitally:

I’ll be signing Ordinary again at Bristol Forbidden Planet next Saturday (Nov 1) at 1-2pm along with Si Gurr and Ben Oliver, who are coming along to sketch as they’re fellow Bristol-livers.

Also recently released was SENSATION COMICS feat. WONDER WOMAN #10 by me and Tom Lyle. A digital-first ten pager that allowed me the chance to write some DC characters I’ve loved since being a boy – The Atom, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, plus Wonder Woman too, of course. Great cover by Adam Hughes:

Sensation 1

Our story is ‘Attack of the 500-Foot Wonder Woman’ a riff on the cult sci-fi classic. You can buy it for 99c/69p here:

THANOS: A GOD UP THERE LISTENING is running weekly through October in its print format for Marvel. A four-issue mini-series by myself and a handful of artists. Dustin Nguyen has been doing fresh covers for the series, and they’re outstanding.




Covers via

THE GRIEVOUS JOURNEY OF ICHABOD AZREAL (AND THE DEAD LEFT IN HIS WAKE) series three is continuing in 2000AD right now. 1905 being the latest issue. The meta-nature of this supernatural western gets weirder as we go. And Mike Dowling is doing some lovely work.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 13.07.19

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 13.07.08

Oh, and I wrote a short for the political satire anthology CROSS that PJ Holden has drawn. It’s an angry little number called ‘Money Bucket Head’ (subtle).  It’s a fun, energetic project, with a lot of good collaborators, and it’s looking for Kickstarter backing. More info here:

In DOCTOR WHO world, the team are still beavering away on our 11Th Doctor series and all concerned are having a blast. Here’s Boo Cook’s cover for #8, which I LOVE:

who #8

That’s a two-part story with a cliffhanger, with me writing pt 1 and Al Ewing writing pt 2 – ‘The Eternal Dogfight’. A bit further down the road we’ve reversed that with another two-parter for the 11th Doctor. Al writing pt 1, me picking up the cliffhanger in pt 2. It’s an interesting, fun way to work.


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