Kingsman: The Red Diamond, Suicide Squad #20, Judge Dredd, Action Comics, Trinity…

… and many other things. The problem with being so busy on a bunch of cool projects is you don’t have the time to update the blog to tell anyone about them.

But things have been announced. The September Image solicits has KINGSMAN: THE RED DIAMOND, a 6-issue mini-series from Millarworld by myself, my old Doctor Who/Family collaborator Simon Fraser, Gary Caldwell, Pete Doherty – all sorts of good people with a fine acerbic 2000AD lineage running through the whole thing.

Speaking of which, here’s Dave Gibbons’ cover for #1. Kingsman/The Secret Service obviously being Mark Millar and Dave’s hit from a few years back, which was then turned into a hugely succesful Matthew Vaughan-directed, Colin Firth-starring movie. The Red Diamond is the comics sequel to that first series.

If you’ve read The Secret Service or seen the Kingsman movie, you know the score. Bondian spy high adventure with a very subversive streak and a large does of social commentary and class barriers born of today’s Britain. And don’t get me started on that.

But most of all – fun. Lots of fun. Eggy’s a great character and we’re excited to have been asked to continue his story by Mark & Dave.

That’s Si Fraser’s cover. There’s a Frank Quitely one that’s currently my desktop that’s gorgeous but I don’t think we can show that yet.

There’s another Kingsman thing to be announced soon, for a publication I never thought I’d write for in a million years. More on that soon. But Kingsman: The Red Diamond deets:

Published: September 6, 2017
Diamond ID: JUL170678

SUICIDE SQUAD #20 came out yesterday. It’s genuinely one of my favourite issues of the series. Partly due to the stunning art by Stjepan Sejic and partly because some of the issue is a very askew romantic comedy in Manhattan between Killer Croc and Enchantress, that is, I hope, everything this book should be. Outside the norm. Making you care about villainous screw-ups. Because we’re all human beings, right? Even killer crocodile men and evil demonic witches.

The A-plot of #20 is Amanda Waller trying to find a new leader for the Squad, which gives us a chance to catch breath after the General Zod battle of recent issues, and also allows us to focus on the individual characters in the Squad.

And spot the deliberate Dylan album reference…

Croc and June Moone, possibly a bit more Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall than Blowin’ in the Wind…

Suicide Squad has a cast of crazy, murderous, ruthless characters, but you always have to find the humanity in whoever you write. Things drive them – they want things. Even if they’re… weird things.

I often think about the Joss Whedon line on writing: ” ‘Whatever makes you weird, is probably your greatest asset.’

That is definitely true of Suicide Squad. Its true of any writer and artist who finds their own voice. It, hopefully, lifts your work above the generic and all your frailties end up on the page and you get to turn them into something strong. Writing as therapy sessions…

JUDGE DREDD: THE FIELDS was recently in 2000AD 2035-2036. A creepy little two parter by myself, Chris Weston, Dylan Teague & Annie Parkhouse.

Chris is a wonder of our times.

The last few Dredds we’ve done together have been more comedic in tone. I thought it’d be fun to do something that went the other way with this one. So we came up with the character of SJS Judge Pin together. She who ‘judges the Judges’. She’ll be back. We have more plans for her.

And she has plans for you.


DC solicits for August announced that I’m re-teaming with my Trinity Annual Collaborator Guillem March for a two-issue run on ACTION COMICS from 985-986. Now there’s a comics dream come true.

I love Superman, and I still recall the kick I used to get as a child finding the odd, irregular Action Comics issue down the local newsagents in South Wales. There’s kicks to be had writing the broken souls and the wrong ‘uns, certainly, but it’s genuinely refreshing to tackle one of the ultimate pop culture definitions of selfless heroism. The world ALWAYS needs Superman. This two-parter has Supes, Lex, Mr. Oz. It’s definitely part of the whole overriding Mr Oz storyline running in Action. It was a bit of an honour and a thrill to be asked to join the team.

And Guillem’s brilliant, as you’ll know if you read our recent Trinity Annual. Such dynamic, clean storytelling.

That was a fun scene to do – Clark, Diana and Bruce having a quiet moment together. Trying to show why these three connect.

Which leads me onto TRINITY #12-15. ‘Dark Trinity’.

Beautiful cover by Clay Mann there. I’m joined by Ken Marion, Ray McCarthy & team for the continuation of our Trinity Annual story – so The Pandora Pits, Circe, Ra’s Al Ghul PLUS Red Hood & The Outlaws.

And I get to write Zatanna, Deadman and John Constantine. Which feels like a bucket list item for any self-respecting British comics writer of a certain age. In teenage years, reading Garth and Steve’s Hellblazer, Jamie Delano’s stories. The Warren Ellis-John Higgins runs. These all had a huge effect on me.

So, writing Constantine taking the piss out of the ‘Action Figures’ – bliss. I crowbarred him into Martian Manhunter just so I’d get to write him just once. Now I get him for four issues.

Oh, the second SUICIDE SQUAD TPB was released too: GOING SANE, by me, Jim Lee & team. Buy that.

There’s a few other things going on behind the scenes that I can’t talk about yet. Exciting though.

Best get on with writing.


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