The Black Vault – Suicide Squad TPB collection, signings and Trinity Annual

Tomorrow’s March 1st – Leeks, daffodils, St David etc – and it also sees the release of the first SUICIDE SQUAD TPB collection of the Rebirth run by Jim Lee and myself.

This collection includes Suicide Squad: Rebirth by myself and Philip Tan, then Suicide Squads 1-4, featuring the main storyline by Jim Lee and four personnel files: Deadshot, by Jason Fabok, Boomerang by Ivan Reis, Katana by Phil Tan and Harley Quinn & Rick Flag by Gary Frank. And a bunch of the #1 variant covers in a gallery.

It’s a beautiful looking book, with world class artists and inkers and colourists all over it, and it’s nice to see my and Jim’s main storyline collated into a whole, so you can read it without having the personnel files break the story up. That said, I like the personnel files a lot. In particular, the Boomerang one: Agent of Oz. Which is odd, as coming into this job, I really had no affinity to Captain Boomerang, but as I’ve got to know him he’s become a real highlight to write.

And there’s a lot more of him to come in the current arc, drawn by John Romita Jr and Eddy Barrows. Digger Harkness has a big part to play.

Sneak(y) peak. Bless him. He’s a bit sneaky. And cowardly. And loathsome. I like him a lot.

Killer work by Dean White on colours at the moment. In fact, my inbox is flush with beauty right now, getting pages through from John Romita Jr, inks by Richard Friend, colours by Dean. And then Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira and Adriano Lucas on their pages. Without hyperbole, I received a Romita jr double page spread inked by Richard this morning that’s the most extraordinary display of dynamic storytelling, and two single pages from Eddy where the acting performances and mood he’s getting are out of this world.

Here’s the cover for #13 btw:

And here’s Tony Daniels’ cover for the second issue of his upcoming run, #17, where we finally get what we’ve been teasing for a while – Zod joins the Skwad.

Oh yeah, because that’s going to go well.

Anyway, back to the Black Vault trade. I’m doing two signings this week for its release. The first is tomorrow, March 1, at Forbidden Planet Shaftsbury Av, London, 6pm-7pm. This is alongside the excellent Ian Edginton, who I’m aiming to steal a copy of Scarlet Traces from. Details here:

And then on Saturday I’ll be in Dublin for a signing with The Big Bang, one of the finest comic shops you’ll ever stumble across. The signing’s at 4.30 but then at 7pm I’m doing a talk: ‘How to write comics.’ So I’d better do some preperation for that, eh? You’ll need a ticket to attend the talk. Details here:

Oh, and in other news, I’m writing the TRINITY ANNUAL in May, with art by Guillem March (the pages look beautiful btw, I’m treated by fine artists right now). This is a chance to write DC’s big three icons, so it’s a treat. And there’s a big, BIG guest star too. I’ll say more when I can.





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