Si Spurrier on Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor

I mentioned in last week’s blog update that there was some fairly big news coming soon regarding ‘Season’ Two. Turns out it broke a few hours after I posted that. The excellent Si Spurrier (X-Men Legacy, Crossed, Six-Gun Gorilla etc) is joining me as co-writer on our second year of the Eleventh Doctor’s adventures.

Si will be effortlessly regenerating from Al Ewing’s far hairier form (“Teeth. I’ve got new teeth etc”). With Al heading off to Marvel-y pastures new. It’s been a lot of fun writing with Al on the book, and I’m rather proud of what we’ve done with the Doctor. Funnily enough, originally the book was meant to be me, Al and Si co-writing, but Si had some scheduling issues at the time. So his coming onboard is all very predestined and possibly timey wimey.

The three of us co-wrote 2000AD’s Trifecta event together, are friends and, I think, have a good sense of who each other are as writers. And Si’s very good, as is Al. Clever bastards, both. I would recommend picking up Si’s Six Gun Gorilla and his imminent creator-owned book with Jeff Stokely, The Spire. I think Si’s sensibility will rather suit writing the smartest man in any room, and we’ve got some fun stuff planned. Including, as the cover for September’s #1 reveals, The War Doctor. There might just be some other faces from the past turning up too. You’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, here’s Alex Ronald, JAKe and Marc Ellerby’s superb, very different, covers.




Also, the reaction to MARTIAN MANHUNTER #1 has been way better than we could have imagined. Genuinely taken aback by all the kind comments and reviews. #2 looks stunning, by the way. There’s better to come.

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