Bristol Con aftermath

Another Bristol con over, another sense of post-enjoyment blues to deal with. It’s such a weird experience. For an entire weekend you walk two feet, bump into someone you know and haven’t seen for six months and have a chat, turn a corner, meet someone else, do the same. Repeat four hundred times. I find, on the Monday following conventions, I’m checking my emails every 30 seconds or so trying to somehow maintain the same level of social interaction. This is stupid behavior, I know.

As ever, I really enjoyed myself over the weekend. Great to spend time with friends. Fun to be able to pretty much spend the entire weekend in a hotel bar drinking far too much to be healthy surrounded by people whose company you thoroughly enjoy and share a passionate interest with.

Highlights? Al Ewing’s method-acting turn as The Mighty Tharg on the best 2000AD panel ever. A really cool meal spent in a rather swish (does anyone say that any more?) restaurant – The River Station in Bristol, highly recommended – with Trev Hairsine, Laurence Campbell and Eddie Berganza, who I met for the first time and who was good company. As much as I enjoy hanging out in the con bar it’s good to occasionally escape.

As for the con hall itself, I spent remarkably little time there. Too crowded for me. I missed my signing on the Saturday due to unforeseen circumstances, so if you came looking for me, apologies for that. I also had to duck out of my Sunday slot because of a mini-family emergency, so again, sorry if I missed you.

And as for the Dark Horse panel on the Sunday? Lord knows what happened there. I was looking forward to it but apparently others on the panel requested that it be cancelled. So blame others.

On the INDIANA JONES AND THE TOMB OF THE GODS front, I saw a load of new Steve Scott pages this morning. This book’s going to look great.

And, finally, here’s me taking some minor script notes from 2000AD’s The Mighty Tharg at Bristol.

I take some minor script notes from The Mighty Tharg at The Bristol Expo

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