Ben Oliver on The Ten-Seconders in 2000AD

Seems to me that the majority of the comics world pretty much ignores what’s printed each week in 2000AD (the British weekly sci-fi anthology, in case you’re unaware). And, considering the fact that such notables as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Brian Bolland, Sean Phillips, Frank Quitely etc etc all have worked for 2000AD over the years, that strikes me as strange.

So, I thought I’d sing up a little about Ben Oliver’s current work on THE TEN-SECONDERS: MAKE. BELIEVE, currently running in 2000AD and written by myself. Ben’s worked on high-profile gigs like Ultimate X-Men and The Authority in the past, and is one of the best around. But still, knowing all that, I’m still taken aback by how much I’m enjoying his pages on this every week. We started Make. Believe with Dom Reardon on art and, as much as I love Dom’s work on Caballistics Inc (which is wonderful, he’s a great artist and hopefully we can work on something different together), I think, in retrospect, he didn’t really suit the style of my scripts for Ten-Seconders, which is much more real-world, Ultimates-style. Ben’s come on board mid-series and the whole feel of the story has shifted into another gear.

Here’s a few of Ben’s pages:

It’s beautiful work.


  1. Sarp says:

    I admire his work, especially when he gets to color his own works. I mean, he’s coloring his in the Ten-Seconders, right? If not so, he’s still great.

  2. Rob says:

    Yep, Ben coloured his own workon Ten-Seconders. He just did a stunning Judge Dredd story and cover in 2000AD Prog 1627. Check out his blog at

  3. sheersy says:

    That is suh-weet. I’ve been out of touch with 2000AD since around Prog 700, when I started getting all the Brit Pack US stuff instead [Moore, Morrison, Ennis, Ellis and so on].

    Still pick up the odd Rebellion collection, though, and I love what I’ve seen of The Ten-Seconders – and chance of this being collected?

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