Judge Dredd, Star Wars and Indy issue three

Opened the latest 2000AD on Saturday morning (Prog 1587) to discover the first part of JUDGE DREDD: OWNERSHIP is in there. This is a fun two-parter I’ve done with Richard Elson. I thought it read really well. It’s still a huge thrill and enormously intimidating to think that I’m writing dialogue for Dredd. I’ve done it a few times now – he cameos in the latest LOW LIFE in the Megazine too – and I kind of take a strong inward breath before I start typing his lines. I think this is part of the reason so many top British writers have struggled with Dredd. We all have such respect for the character and his history that we maybe overthink it and try a little too hard. As with most things in life, if you’re relaxed and at ease the end result tends to be better. Maybe it’s only Wagner who doesn’t feel that weight of history and expectation when he’s writing the big chinned one. Hmmm…

Ten pages of THE TEN-SECONDERS follows the Dredd in Prog 1587, which I discussed in the previous post, so won’t bore you with it again. But that means the first 16 pages of 2000AD this week are by myself. If only I was this prolific all the time, I’d be rich. And less bald. Or maybe not.

The solicits for August have just come out and that includes STAR WARS: REBELLION #16 (the second part of my segment of the VECTOR crossover) and INDIANA JONES AND THE TOMB OF THE GODS #3. No cover for that from Tony Harris yet, but the Rebellion one is up, drawn by Dan Scott:

Thought I’d also plug a few friends’ comics that are out at the moment that you should be buying.

There’s Paul Cornell’s Captain Britain and MI:13 (lucky sod, I’d have killed to have written this. I did kill, but they still wouldn’t let me write it). Paul, as well as being a lovely guy, is rapidly turning into one of my favourite writers, and this is loads of fun:


Trev Hairsine has a one-off out at the moment – X-Men: Origins: Colossus. Trev and I did Cla$$war back in the stone age, of course. He’s ludicrusly talented and he draws some of the best military tech around. Check out Colossus vs. a Russian Hind helicopter in this. Lovely:


Chris Weston’s The Twelve is still running along nicely, and I’m enjoying it each month. Chris draws the most absurd amount of detail in his pages. You get your money’s worth with a Chris Weston comic.


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    Hi Rob,

    Count me in for these 2 issues of Rebellion and the Indy mini-series!

    Martin :O)

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